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The 80 Minute MBA


The 80 Minute MBA is for anyone in business who wants to get ahead without going back to school. It will wake up your mind with fresh ideas and save you a bundle on getting ahead in business.  You too can learn to think like an MBA graduate without attending years of seminars, thanks to this frenetic but profoundly useful event.  


Run by John Knell and/or co-author Richard Reeves who distil key MBA concepts into morsels of learning that are easy to digest, memorise and apply. From the latest thinking in leadership, strategy, social media and sustainability to mastering the fundamentals of financial accounting in eight minutes, this is a fat-free helping of essential business knowledge. Surely it's worth sparing 80 minutes to get a new take on business and how to be a success.


You can find out more about The 80 Minute MBA by visiting:

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