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Steve McDermott

Steve McDermott

Your antidote to motivational logjams; idea shortages and presentation terror

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How to be the Greatest

How To Be The Greatest: Lessons from the life and times of Muhammad Ali

  • The 4 things all great teams, companies and individuals must have
  • How to create a compelling vision
  • How to get and stay motivated

Muhammad Ali, “The greatest”, is still the most famous athlete in the world. Learn the secrets to his success, lasting legacy and discover how he dealt with challenges and adversity both in and out of the boxing ring.

As the only man to become heavyweight champion of the world three times, what did Ali know about goal setting that you don’t? How did he stay motivated and motivate others? How were innovation and re-invention critical to his success? In this inspirational session, Steve McDermott will reveal how Ali developed mental toughness to deal with challenging times and how he made brilliant decisions consistently. Having a purpose to his life is the most important ingredient of all – find out how to find yours.

Apply the lessons from the life and times of Muhammad Ali to your career, team or business and begin your journey to greatness.