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Steve McDermott

Steve McDermott

Your antidote to motivational logjams; idea shortages and presentation terror

Recent Engagements

XL Group:
Steve was absolutely brilliant! I really cannot say any more than that.
Association of Graduate Recruiters:
He was absolutely great! I've had many complimentary comments from delegates that Steve's talk was the best bit and many people took away a lot from his session. I got a signed copy of his book too which I'm really looking forward to reading!
As expected, Steve was great! He had thought provoking points to make, won the rapport of the audience and built on the message delivered by the first speaker. Glad to have him back at our event.
Ramsey Healthcare UK:
Your presentation was not only relevant, but inspiring and thought-provoking. It provided our team with valuable opportunity to hear your insights
Steve was a brilliant chair, I would go so far as to say he is the best host I've worked with.
East Sussex County Council:
Things went very smoothly with Steve. It was, as you can imagine, a very difficult day what with the weather and road conditions.Subsequently we had to change the programme quite substantially.
Steve arrived the night before and was therefore available on the day as planned. He was able to adapt his presentation and move his times without fuss. It was clear this was a professional we were dealing with. His presentation was flawless as you would expect. However, it is testament to his ability and professionalism that he was able to present to a small group under difficult circumstances and still receive the highest evaluations.
This was, undeniably, a difficult gig for Steve (as it was for the rest of us!) and he performed brilliantly. We were very happy with his attendance on the whole morning and would definitely book him again – and hopefully we will!
Lloyds Banking Group:
One comment specifically references you as ‘the highlight of the day’ and I am expecting more of the same when the feedback comes rolling in. I heard a number of references to ‘fizzy’ on Friday.
Personally, I was delighted at how well you nailed the mood of the day. I was confident you would, but you really did exceed my expectations. I love the style and delivery and it really worked with our team.
Thanks again and I wish you continued success. But I guess you have already visioned that future.
NHS Supply Chain:
Steve was excellent as ever.
He stayed with us for the entire day, in order to tailor his content, and then performed as usual to a high standard which invigorated the audience and left many memorable moments!
Unit4 Business Software:
Steve McDermott was guest speaker at our annual “Developer Day” conference where he presented on ideas and techniques to help individuals within organisations embrace change. Drawing on information gleaned throughout the day’s activities, Steve’s presentation perfectly rounded off our day where he both entertained and educated the audience leaving a lasting impression. I would recommend Steve to any organisation that wishes to open their minds to new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Lloyds Banking Group:
Steve was great and had the room in fits of laughter!! It seemed like most of the group were really taking note of what he said and he had the main man chuckling!
We contacted Steve at very late notice for an important slot at our Mercedes-Benz conference. With very little time to prepare and a somewhat sketchy brief he still managed to deliver two hours of compelling, entertaining and motivational material, as well as providing a raft of practical tools to take away
Like a tornado through a caravan park, you can’t help but be touched by Steve’s energetic mix of business and personal insight into some of the key challenges facing businesses today. If you are looking for somebody with challenge and drive who makes you sit up and think, but does so whilst putting a smile on your face, look no further.
Steve hit the right mix of important topics, delivered with humour and common sense. The response we had from attendees has been superb and he certainly provided a real talking point for our day. His down to earth approach made complex subjects easy to grasp. It was especially useful for him to concentrate on just a few specific themes, making it really focussed and enjoyable. Guests at our conference, from all departments, have asked about using Steve at their conferences and several managers have already been out and bought his book! I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business, large or small.
Steve was brilliant, everybody loved the session, he was witty, thought provoking and talked a lot of common sense.
I would definitely look to work with him again.
NHS Supply Chain:
I was looking for a motivational, inspirational way to send everyone out of the door feeling full of confidence and positivity, with their side aching a little from laughter during the process! Steve McDermott delivered in spades, with people across my team talking for days afterwards about the bits they had like best and which had resonated most. The 'Four minute rule', in particular, struck many cords and has influenced a few lives since then - my own included! Steve delivered his messages with punch and panache and addressed our brief to the letter. He was the perfect way to help people understand what they needed to do and how they needed to behave to achieve success, not just for our business but for life in general.
University of Oxford:
Thank You for a very lively and thought provoking presentation. You certainly brought our day to an energetic close! Your contribution was a vital ingredient to everyone's enjoyment of the day, for which our grateful thanks and best wishes.
Macmillan Cancer Support:
The bar had been set very high by some excellent earlier sessions. Well, Steve vaulted over that bar with a fast paced, highly engaging and very funny session which sent everyone home smiling and with some great practical tips.
Everything was perfect. Steve was a very welcome diversion from some of the heavier items on the agenda, but that his content was very relevant to the issues being discussed. There was a great deal of humour in Steve's delivery and his objectives were obviously taken on board.
We had positive feedback from the attendees about Steve McDermott. I think having him on after lunch worked really well. There was lots of laughter, and food for thought as well. Some direct quotes from the feedback forms include "Enjoyed talk with Steve McDermott. Lively and funny and made you feel positive"; "I found Steve McDermott most enjoyable, and trust that I will endeavour to put this into practice. Hopefully....!"; "Guest speaker was great"; "The motivational talk was fantastic". All in all it was a really enjoyable day and Steve played a big part in making it a success.
SAP UK & Ireland User Group:
When we plan our conferences we look for a high energy speaker to get our second day off to a great start. With Steve you certainly get that but you also get someone that your audience, whoever they are, associate with and get tremendous value from. Everyone will walk away having learnt something new.
He was funny, lively and on-message.
South Coast Audit:
He very effectively helped us to celebrate our achievements to date, reinforcing our sense of purpose and values, and challenged us to look to an even better future.
President, European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA):
On behalf of EphMRA I would like to thank you for your thoughtful leadership at the AGM and Conference. Everything you have done with us has been engaging, energetic, fun and insightful. Your style helped to brighten up a very serious bunch. Following on from the Interim Members Meeting in London you clearly understood what the Association needed to accomplish at the major annual event in Barcelona. The need to facilitate the membership through a process to hone down the strategic options open to the Association and then develop detailed implementation plans was a challenge. We could not have achieved so much without you. The energy that you brought to the sessions was invaluable. You were able to provided the group with an understanding of how to be creative and then a practical facilitation to prove that we could be. The workshop that you facilitated for us gave excellent insights into the skills that we need to develop in order to be able to add value to our corporations. Finally, the interactive presentation helped the delegates hear how to improve communications skills so that we can sell our ideas to be successful.
Steelite International:
The event went very well and Steve's presentation provided an enormous amount of 'food for thought' for the management team. The Visioning exercise we used on day 2, gave the whole team an opportunity to look ahead in a way that they had not done before. The positive nature of Steve's presentation certainly made a significant impact on energy and focus for the second half of the course. The books were very well received and we now have to just sustain the momentum. Thanks again.
Norwich Union Insurance:
Steve McDermott's session was truly inspirational; he facilitated an afternoon involving my entire team enabling them to leave with positive outlooks. Steve comes highly recommended and created a real buzz around the office.
Watts Group PLC:
For anyone wanting an hour's worth of inspiration and motivation with a difference, I can strongly recommend asking Steve McDermott. His presentation to our Directors' Conference was extremely original, professional, accomplished and packed with humour. All my fellow directors enjoyed Steve's talk immensely.
Trinity-Chiesi Pharmaceuticals Ltd:
Thanks for playing your part in what was our biggest ever launch event. I knew that your energy and sharp wit would wake the team up after the excesses of the Gala Dinner the evening before! As ever, you make your point in a humourous and thought-provoking way and I have no doubt that the entire audience went away with some little nugget that will make them more effective in their respective roles.
Driving Standards Agency (Series of 4 Speeches):
Very amusing, confident and by the end of four conferences Steve fully understood the Agency and its staff. A very funny man with an important message, Steve explained the rules of self-esteem tennis to perfection.
I know I thanked you today but I just wanted to give more formal, written thanks for such a fantastic presentation. It was the perfect end to an amazing conference.
North Tyneside Borough Council:
Steve really helped to create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere at the North Tyneside Council Teamwork Staff Awards event. There was approximately 150 people in attendance but Steve managed to get the whole audience going. The use of props as part of the programme certainly went down a treat. However Steve still managed to get across key messages relating to current council objectives.
Local Government Yorkshire & Humber:
We used Steve as a pre-dinner speaker and prior to an awards ceremony. Steve did an excellent job, particularly his interaction with the audience. He adapted his presentation to the needs of the occasion and the audience.
Novus Leisure:
Steve was very flexible, he tailored his speech to the subject and gave us lots of ideas to help us. We liked his view on life!
Morgan Stanley:
Steve made all the difference. I can't imagine anyone could have done a better job of compering our event and interweaving a keynote presentation. His approach reaches out to his audience, brings them along for the ride, and then without them really noticing he challenges them to challenge themselves.
Morgan Stanley:
I wanted to thank you for a tremendous performance last night. I’ve had fantastic feedback. At coffee machines and in corridors, people have stopped me to comment on a great evening but also, how much they took away from your presentation. You left people with many memorable pieces of learning – your 4 minute rule which we agreed afterwards should apply equally to our relationships with our partners – the five No’s – integrity lessons from Asda. You showed you understood our organisation which isn’t easy coming from outside and given we are often too insular, you gave us lots of examples from other industries and the everyday. You learn a lot more when the examples resonate as yours did. I thought the Mohammed Ali stories were terrific and the last one left the audience on a great high. So thank you for making the evening very memorable, good fun but with some serious learning at the same time.
Boots the Chemists:
I was impressed by the way he made the presentation directly relevant to the delegates by using
Dacorum Borough Council:
He 'worked' the audience, made it relevant to local government and got the right messages across in an informal and humorous way.
Lloyds Pharmacy:
Helped our event be a real success - key messages and entertaining delivery style were exactly what we wanted. A real hit with our audience......many thanks Steve
Victoria Park School:
As always, Steve excelled. Feedback from staff has been very positive and they are keen to take on his ideas. We loved his presentation style, sense of humour, effective use if visual aids and his enthusiasm. An excellent day.
Manchester Airport Group:
Thank you most sincerely for your excellent facilitation of our session and for your truly uplifting presentation. You gave us a lot to think and laugh about. Thanks for all the value that you added to our day.
Steve was able to communicate 'difficult' messages to a fairly unresponsive audience, winning them over by the end of his session. Steve's facilitation of our event was invaluable.
Pennine Housing 200 Ltd:
Steve was an excellent speaker, he was able to communicate to all the audience, irrelevant of their job (from the cleaners to our directors).
Steve was excellent. He showed great attention to detail due to joining the conference early.
Steve delivered an entertaining event in a compelling manner.
Upbeat, on message and highly adaptable. Steve was gracious and flexible, due to other speakers over running, he refined his own speech to key points whilst maintaining energy.
Director of Operations , Matalan:
“In March of this year, Matalan hosted its biggest and best ever National Conference for Store Managers and Head Office Colleagues. A key part of the phenomenal success of this event was the role played by Steve McDermott as our host for the day and our motivational speaker. The reason I was keen to work with Steve was his informal, high energy and fun approach to his key messages - and he certainly delivered on this. Steve quickly tuned in to the important themes of the event and gave his own insight into them - he gave us all plenty of food for thought. Steve ensured we gave the team more than a good event - it was a great event!”
Down to earth and relates subjects to real life.
Steve was great at engaging with the audience through humour but still conveying key messages. The audience response was excellent.
Verizon Business:
Thank you for the presentation you gave at our UK 2006 Kick-off Meeting yesterday at Centre Parcs. You were able to relay to the audience a lot of material that was both entertaining and relevant. I heard comments such as ' I felt energised', 'It was a thought provoking session', 'his session gave us a lot to talk about'. Salespeople can sometimes be a difficult audience to enthuse, but you did a great job.
Arco limited:
Good energy levels, good pace and fully engaged the audience. Steve got our message across very well and left a good impression.
BT Group Property Director:
Steve McDermott is a not only a very funny, informative, inspirational and brilliant keynote speaker but just as good conference host. He helped plan and deliver our most memorable event ever. What makes him special is that, unlike celebrity conference hosts, he isn’t stuck to what it says in the script. His depth of knowledge and flexibity means he can add massive extra value to the whole proceedings
Managing Director:
Steve's 2 hour session pulled together 18 months of work, and left our Senior Managers inspired, engaged, and fully focussed on the tasks ahead. We managed to re-book Steve for the cascade to the next tier of the Business, as his contribution to our national roll-out programme was simply too powerful to ignore. A fantastic investment that has already produced results for us. You should congratulate yourself if you are the person responsible for bringing Steve's talents to your organisation
Employer Direct:
Engaged the audience immediately, natural and down-to-earth style, realisitic and did's preach! He sustained the attention of our audience for 1hr 40 minutes! Feedabck from staff - brilliant.
Steve tailored his approach to our company which helped give credibility to our strategy. Outstanding delivery of core material - 'a class performance'.
We liked Steve's enthusiasm and excellent presentations skills. He was very inspirational. This was our 4th annual event and Steve helped to make it our most successful conference ever.
Campbell UK:
Flexibility/ability to make the content of his presentation so relevant to our situation. Steve totally met our expectations.
Heathfield School:
Engaging, relevant and fun. Steve built superbly on the theme of the conference. Superb!
Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker:
He was articulate, funny, interesting, inspiring - all in all great! One delegate said 'the future history was so inspirational and for me life-changing'. What was so good about Steve was that his advice was practical.
Swinton Group:
Your role in compering the afternoon made the whole event much more professional than in previous years. You certainly woke them up to start with and also brought a little left in between our necessarily business-like speeches. Your session on 'No Limits' thinking was presented in a very light-hearted manner but got across the message about taking resposnibility for your own success. You got the feel of the conference and organisation quickly because you were fully 'on message'.
Specialist Schools Trust:
Steve was marvellous, lots of humour and key points to take away.
D'Vision Ltd:
Articulate, energetic and meaningful. Steve had a very positive impact on the event and audience. His pointed observations put across in his entertaining meaningful way lifted the emotions.
Icon Live:
Tuned into our commercial and corporate objectives very quickly, he more than met our expectations. I would recommend Steve to any company who want conference delegates to remember AND practise what they learn.
Thank you for all your hard work, hosting our national sales conference. Your input was highly professional and thought provoking and his absolutely on the button in promoting self belief in our sales force. Your style of presentation suited the overall feel of the day and you scored 4.5 from a maximum of 5 from all delegates - high praise indeed!
Julian Hodge Bank:
Steve has a very humorous style and gave a very logical and structured presentation. He had the ability to hit the nail on the head on every point, making it very relevant to our Group. Steve exceeded Senior Managements expectations. Our colleagues who attended are still on a high.
Sussex Enterprise Annual Conference:
Thank you for helping to make our annual conference a blinding success! We had over 1,000 delegates through the door which a record for us and we are absolutely delighted with the feedback we are getting. Your presentation was spot on for the audience and I'm sure it struck a lot of chords with people. Seeing our delegates so enthralled by your address is a true indiaction of the power of your messages. Thanks for your professional involvement throughout the process, and for your exceptional delivery on the day.
Barclays Asset Finance:
Everyone I have spoken to has enthused over your session. For me it worked a treat, not only were you able to lift the afternoon with entertainment, you were able to leave the audience with a number of practical ways to enhance their capability - in sales, life and everything. I also particularly appreciated your willingness to tailor your presentation to our particular audience - it also helped that we share a personal hero in Muhammed Ali - you inspired me to rewatch my When We Were Kings DVD!
Tesco Stores Ltd:
Steve was very energetic and set the right tone for the day. He provided some simple tools to take back to the office.
Your Communications:
Steve, thanks again for your contribution into what is by the feedback I'm now getting easily the most successful coaching/leadership event we have ever staged. You now have another 100 fans who will no doubt spread the word.
Your Communications:
Steve McDermott is AWESOME. In the past I've always found it hard to get really good external facilitators for big events, if you have found the same this feedback on our recent leadership event may be useful. The event was aimed at all our people managers and the objective was to try and ensure they grasped some key leadership messages but in a fun more light-hearted way. All the feedback forms (in excess of 100) rated our facilitator for the whole event as excellent, they also clearly quoted what they had learned in terms of leadership from the event. As you'll appreciate most of our people don't bother to fill the detail bit in. So, if you are ever looking for a facilitator who can get the messages across, link it in practical terms to your business and be motivational and funny at the same time then I recommend you try Steve McDermott. I know some of you have used him for one off hour long sessions we definitely got lots more value for using him to facilitate the whole event.
Johnson Controls:
Thank you for all your help facilitating and presenting at our recent event. The feedback has been very positive and all our attendees rated your sessions as the ones they felt they got most benefit from during the day. I felt that you really added value to our Forum by asking us to clearly articulate the outcomes we wanted to achieve, in terms of what we wanted attendees to think, say and do after the event. Your suggestions for practical sessions that you could facilitate to tie in with our themes for the day were excellent and made the transition between our own presenters and yourself appear seaaless. Many guests commented that they took away a clear and consistent message from the day and were left in no doubt about what we were aiming to achieve and their role in helping to deliver it. On the day your sessions ran to time and were punchy and motivational - exactly what was required to keep our audience on board. I also personally appreciated your helpful suggestions to get our day back on schedule when other presenters over-ran. Thanks again for all your help. I would certainly recommend you ro anyone looking for a dynamic presenter for their conference or event.
South Tyneside Council:
Steve delivered all the key messages in a very entertaining way. We have had excellent feedback about Steve and the whole event.
Somer Housing Group:
Steve held the attention of our audience, a very diverse range of staff, he was excellent.
Business Innovation Centre:
Steve was very entertaining and delivered a message that sticks with you! Steve was perfect for our Innovation Fair.
Business Link Humber:
Steve was brilliant - his humour and his ability to tie in his presentation with the overall presentation. He was extremely entertaining and enjoyable.
McCain Foods(GB)Ltd:
Steve was just right for our conference, it was a polished act. Points made were relevant to the occasion
Very cooperative & flexible. He was good at working with a slightly reluctant audience & worked hard all day.
Steve took the time to find out about us and was able to make his session relevant to us. He was brilliant
Aggregate Industries:
Not only was your performance extremely entertaining and inspiring, but it fitted in perfectly with the theme of our Seminar and effectively reinforced our message. Our delegates certainly went away with something to think about.
Kellogg Brown & Root:
Steve held the attention of the audience, he was able to adapt his presentation to fit with our theme.
United Utilities:
We have had very positive feedback from conference delegates on Steve McDermott's performance He made his presentation relevant to our audience and business.
Blackpool Borough Council:
Steve had a great presence, humorous, and good knowledge of the subject. Steve's style of presentation is unique and ideally suited to getting key messages across to large numbers of people.
Director of Marketing, Thomson's Group PLC:
His delivery was excellent as he didn't 'preach' to the delegates but 'encourgaed' them to seek solutions. he ensured that he included our sales objectives within his presentation.
Director General, The Council of Mortgage Lenders:
Captivated the audience for two and half hours...very polished
Customer Service Department, Ins-sure:
You were fabulous - and really filled the spot for the morning after the night before. I have seen you perform, but was not expecting to be so blown away. A huge thanks from me. I, together with the other delegates, will not be forgetting you in a hurry. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any future contacts
Regional Director of Nursing:
Steve captured the audience within the first 30 seconds- everyone identified with him. He listened to the brief and incorporated it into his session perfectly
General Manager Smith & Nephew:
I am moved to write to you to express my sincere gratitude for all your help and support. The day exceeded my teams' expectations and mine, and the feedback from everyone has been tremendous. Your professionalism, flexibility and humour helped provide a wonderful learning experience for us all
Regional HR Manager, Sainsbury's:
Steve captured the audience within the first 30 seconds - everyone identified with him. He listened to the brief and incorporated it into his session perfectly.
Chairman, Venue Masters:
His natural enthusiasm, combined with his evident grasp of various research outcomes on the subject.
Training Manager, ASDA:
Down to earth, comical delivery... went down a storm with our audience.