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Steve McDermott

Steve McDermott

Your antidote to motivational logjams; idea shortages and presentation terror


“There is no failure, only feedback… When I give a speech, I pray for a mobile phone to go off, and for people to turn up late.”

Steve McDermott expects things to go wrong during his events. That’s why he’s been voted the UK’s Motivational Speaker of the Year on no fewer than three occasions. Try to be perfect and you’ll invariably take a pratfall, he tells his audiences. Prepare for imperfection and you’ll deal with the most difficult situations, while winning hearts and minds. Steve wrote the bestselling book How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything to persuade people that they needn’t let fear hold them back. His events are just as entertaining and educational, covering topics such as leadership, innovation and selling, as well as general communication skills. What’s more, each is crafted to the specific needs of the client; in over 20 years, he has never delivered the same speech twice!

The broad topics covered by his keynote presentations include:-

  • How to be more motivated
  • How to be more successful
  • Leading from the front
  • How to be more creative and innovative
  • How to dramatically improve your communication, presentation and selling skills

See Steve on 'Powerful Presentations' at the London Business Forum.